How to Start a Travel Blog Without Traveling

How to Start a Travel Blog Without Traveling

How to Start a Travel Blog Without Traveling

Learn how to start a travel blog without traveling through our tutorial. It is truly possible to be a travel blogger without traveling. This article will help you get started step-by-step.

If you are passionate about traveling and have traveled in the past, it will help you when learning how to start a travel blog without traveling.

A few other ways:

  • Ask your family members and friends about their past travel experiences (do interviews).
  • Take weekend and day trips when time and money allow.
  • Get inspiration from others.

There are many ways to start a travel blog without traveling. Continue reading to get your blog up and running.

How to Start a Travel Blog without Traveling Tutorial

Keep in mind, that your travel blog doesn’t have to be perfect immediately. You can always tweak your strategy later. In the beginning, you must focus on producing travel-related content and have good SEO.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to starting a travel blog. You’ll learn how to get web hosting, establish a website, publish blog posts, and make money from your site.

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Step 1: Choose Your Blog Niche & Blog Name

Choosing your niche really is the foundation of your travel blog. A good niche can mean the difference between a great blog and a blog that is a waste of time from a making money standpoint (if that is your goal).

Yes, you want a travel blog. But “nicheing down” can be effective. There are so many travel bloggers out there to compete with, so why not have a more specific kind of travel blog? Maybe, adventure travel or family travel.

However, don’t forget that you also need your blog to be somewhat competitive because if not, people probably aren’t that interested in the “specific” travel niche that you chose.

Now as far as choosing a domain, it is a bit easier if you have your exact niche first. For example, maybe I decide that I want to focus on family travel. Then, I could choose a name like: I could use a tool like to check if it is available. If it is, when I sign up for Bluehost hosting, I can get that domain for FREE!

Step 2: Sign Up for Bluehost Hosting to Get Your Blog Online!

You need web hosting to “house” your blog on the internet (storage space). Without web hosting, you cannot start your blog or website. I use Bluehost because they offer everything needed to blog successfully (or even with a basic website too). You get a free domain, a free SSL certificate, and more. To top it off, you can get started at Bluehost for under $3 a month. Yeah, less than a cup of coffee!

Now, you need to buy your hosting. You can do that easily by clicking any of the Bluehost links on this site, or just clicking the banner above. Choose your free domain name as well. If you need photos and more in-depth help for this step – follow the complete tutorial for setting up any blog here.

Step 3: Choose a WordPress blog theme + Write Your First Travel Blog Post

This step is pretty easy. Click that tutorial link to get more in-depth pictures to guide you on this step if you need it.

If you are more tech-savvy, you can head to your WordPress dashboard (Note: you can always log in to your WordPress dashboard using the link: Then, hover over appearance to find themes and you will be able to search through for the theme you want to install on your blog.

Once you install a theme, press activate. You will be able to customize other theme settings pretty easily. And add things, like a logo, header, menus, etc. We will provide more in-depth tutorials soon for those steps.

Now, you can begin brainstorming and writing your travel blog!

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